5 Questions You Need to Ask When Considering Laser Hair Removal

all skin types laserLooking for a trustworthy laser hair removal clinic can be a tedious job because of hundreds of clinic advertisements offering pretty much the same things.  These clinics will get you confused and make you wonder if their claims are indeed true. Working in the music industry can sometimes bring you under the limelight, for these situations, you have to look flawless and beautiful – this includes your underarms. To help you with your decision, here are some questions that you can ask several hair removal clinics before you make your first appointment.

What are your qualifications?

This is the first on the list because it is the most important question of all. You have to make sure that the clinic that you are going to choose is qualified practitioners for laser hair removal. This will be proven by certificates that are usually displayed on the clinic’s wall. Depending on the country that you are in, physicians need to be board certified or at least passed a certain test that allows them to use laser.

Who will perform the laser hair removal treatment?

If you decide to go through with the treatment, make sure that a certified physician is going to do it for you. This may sound redundant but there are times when a clinic only has one certified physician and lets someone else perform the treatment on you. Make sure to ask about the physician’s experience and training.

What type of laser do you use and is it suitable for people with my skin type and hair color?

There are many types of lasers used and each one is suited for a certain skin tone or hair color. If you have light skin and dark hair, then it is easy for you to have your hair removed using laser technology. Other combinations need to use a specific kind of laser made specifically for them. If  you find a clinic that has a lot of experience with the skin and hair combination that you have, you may opt to choose this clinic. Having a lot of experience will make you feel at ease that the physician will do a good job. You can ask for before and after pictures to make you feel even better in choosing them.

How much does laser hair removal cost and how many sessions will I need?

To help you plan your budget and anticipate the results that you are going to see, ask laser hair removal costs to every clinic that you go to. There are many factors that affect the cost of your treatment like the number of times that you have to go back. Do not fall for less experienced clinics with lesser cost because they might have you go back for more times compared to clinics that have more experience and cost more.

How much is a full consultation fee?

All clinics offer consultation with patch test and most clinics will charge for it. The medication to be prescribed later on and the risk of side effects depending on your skin type will all be discussed during the length of your consultation.