How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

Fitness is another important part of a musician’s life. It’s essential to be fit enough to perform on stage. Walking is a good way to make sure you get enough exercise on a daily basis. Quality walking shoes will give you more benefits than you thought they would much like what running shoes, hiking shoes or multisport shoes give you. If your question is if you can wear any type of shoe for walking, yes you can but with certain exceptions.

How are walking shoes and running shoes different from each other?

Walking creates less impact on your feet compared to running. Because of this, walking shoes usually have less heel cushioning than running shoes. Walking shoes’ main focus is to cushion the ball of the foot while running shoes focus more on breathability and being lightweight.  However, most running shoes are also padded and suited for walking. To know if your shoes are suited for walking, try testing them first. The first test is to pick a shoe by its heel and bend the toe upward. If the shoes bend at the ball of your foot, you have yourself a shoe that is good for walking. Another test is twisting the shoe sole from its heel to its toe.

The shoe needs to offer some kind of resistance while you are twisting it. Resistance is essential if you are planning to walk for exercise. After performing these tests, the shoe that passes will be the best choice for a walking shoe.

What features are critical to look for in a walking shoe?

The number one factor when selecting a good walking shoe is its fit. Fit wins above everything else because a proper fitting shoe will keep you from injuring yourself. Injuries like bruised toenails or blisters are a result of shoes that doesn’t fit you well. Even if the shoes is expensive and has the latest technology applied to it, if it doesn’t have a good fit, it will be useless for you. Read on a good comparison on the Hoka Bondi 3 vs the Hoka Clifton.

How do I identify a good fit?

A good fitting shoe should feel snug and tight on your foot with no room to wiggle your toes. A good fit will save you from blisters and other form of injuries that may hurt your foot. Try wearing the shoes and walking with them for a few minutes to see if they are a good fit.

How can I tell what type of foot I have?

You can start by looking at the footprint that you make after swimming or showering. By doing so, you will be able to tell if you have a low or high foot arch. Check out shoes for high arched people. Lower arches leave a full print while higher arches make contact through the heel and the ball of the foot leaving the outer edges of your foot subtracted from the print. If you have a medium arch, your footprint will have a mix between these two. When you are out shopping for a quality walking shoe, you need to find a shoe that suits the type of foot that you have. Shoe reviews online are available to give you an idea on the strengths and gaps of walking shoe products.