How to Fly with Carry-on Messenger Bags

The best way to fly is to have carry-on luggage, but in reality, this is easier said than done. Being the busy musician that you are, you might have to travel a lot and paying for those extra bag fees are not going to cut it. Get rid of these unwanted fees by having everything that you have to bring inside your trusty messenger bag. If you are planning to travel with your messenger bag, here are some useful ways to pack your stuff to fit in it. Messenger bags come in all shapes and sizes, so if you want to bring them with you when you travel, you better pick the biggest one you can get. Here are some tips on how you can make all of your stuff fit in a messenger bag when you travel.

Roll It

For starters, roll the large items and place them at the bottom of your messenger bag. Rolling clothes for packing is very effective. Learn how to roll your clothes for packing. Doing this will allow you to take up less space and will make it easier for you to fill in the gaps. Another advantage of doing this is for you to reduce the wrinkles in your clothes.  The base of your bag should consist of the heavier type of clothing like your pants, jackets and dresses.

Fold It

When it comes to smaller items like shirts, shorts and tank tops, they need to be folded to fill in the voids that you made after rolling heavy items. The size of these items doesn’t allow you to roll them so you can only fold them as neatly as you van. Nobody cares about creased underwear so just let it be and move on with the other things that you need to pack for your trip.

Other Items

If you have side pockets on your bag, you’re in luck. Place all other items that you have inside of those pockets where it provides easy access. A good tip would be to place items that you would need in your trip. Tablets, books or magazines should be available for you without having to dig through all you clothes to get them or risk having everyone see your underwear collection. If you want to bring toiletries, it’s best to keep them in a separate plastic bag so that it won’t hassle you when you’re going through the airport security. You need a bag that can hold a lot but doesn’t become uncomfortable to carry. Chrome Berlin messenger bag might be suitable for your needs.

Your bag still won’t close

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above and your items still don’t seem to fit. Take one of your larger items and use it to push down all other items in your bag to make more space. The biggest problem that you can have is closing your bag because you have too much stuff in it. Try loosening the straps to help you close the bag. If all else fails, try discarding a few things and think ahead. The number of days that you will spend on a certain place will always dictate the number of clothes that you have to bring. Think smart and plan ahead. Of course, having a quality and reliable bag should be a priority. Learn more about the best messenger bags.